Cerebral Focus

    Cerebral Focus is your full service interactive video streaming solution. Our solution is all-inclusive and requires no set-up or supervision on your part. We provide all staff and equipment necessary to broadcast your event live over the Internet and to the world.

    If you want 1 person, 100 people or 10,000 people to view your event, we can facilitate your needs.

    Cerebral Focus now offers specialized Certified Crop Adviser CEU approved webcasts. If you run an accredited CEU event please contact us for details.


  • Adobe Flash - Using the latest in Adobe Flash Streaming technology over 90% of Internet are ready to go. For the other 10%, it is a one quick, free download.
  • Cameras - Professional digital video cameras.
  • Video Switches - Multiple angles and direct PowerPoint video inputs.
  • Big Pipes - Redundant fast Internet connections mean we can handle any size event. If you have 1 person, 100 people or 10,000 we can facilitate your needs.


    We have several options for broadcasting and facilitating your event:
  • Broadcast your event open to the world.
  • A universal username and password is given to all registered participants.
  • Participants are given individual usernames and passwords to sign on to the live event.
  • Once a participant has signed on, a monitoring service can ensure they continue to observe the presentation.
  • Full facilitation of the registration process including on-line payment (coming soon).


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